You don’t have the same day every day. Maybe work gets in the way, and you don’t end up with enough time to exercise. Or perhaps you have to grab lunch out instead of packing something healthy. The bottom line is that even small changes in your routine can affect your body’s needs—so why would you take the exact same multivitamin every day?

Taking the guesswork out of which vitamins you actually need to fill in nutritional gaps from one day to the next is the philosophy behind the Mixfit system. The folks at Mixfit started with scientific research to develop a core set of 23 essential nutrients. Those nutrients are managed by MINA, the Mixfit Intelligent Nutrition Assistant, which makes sure you’re getting exactly what your body needs to fill the nutritional gap based on what you eat and how you move on any given day.

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Here’s what you need to know:

Where Do I Start?

The setup is simple. When you receive your Mixfit machine, you’ll set it up according to the instructions in the package. This includes setting up the core pack that contains 23 nutrients. Then you’ll download the Mixfit app, where you’ll answer baseline questions (more on that in a moment) and enter your food and exercise routine each day. MINA uses that info to determine the makeup of your daily vitamin drinks.

What Info Do I Provide When I Set Up My User Profile?

The first thing you’ll do when you set up a user profile on the Mixfit app is answer a series of MINA’s onboarding questions. Then you’ll get to the basics that will help MINA determine your baseline: your age, gender, and weight.

The more information you give MINA, the more precise your daily vitamin dose will be. You’ll tell the app about your diet—for example, vegans need more B12, which is mostly found in animal byproducts—and lifestyle (how often you exercise; whether you’re a smoker who might need more Vitamin D and C). The app will also use information like your height, weight, and waist circumference to determine your body mass index (BMI), which can affect what nutrients you need. By the time you finish onboarding, MINA has an idea of your nutritional targets. It can help determine what you’re lacking and—based on third-party research—which supplements will make up this deficiency.

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How Does My Mixfit Know What I Need on a Daily Basis?

Once you’ve finished onboarding and given MINA a baseline for your nutritional needs, you can continue to hone your personalized vitamin dose each day by logging what you eat and how you exercise in the Mixfit app. That way, MINA knows what you’re eating and how to optimize your doses just for you. Mixfit can also connect to wearable devices that measure exercise, like an Apple Watch or Fitbit. If you’re training hard, you’re burning through your nutrients at a faster rate, and MINA will adjust your targets to rehabilitate those muscles.

How Does the Machine Work?

The core pack in your Mixfit machine includes a series of canisters that contain 23 essential nutrients that most people need. The scientists at Mixfit have carefully curated which nutrients are in which canisters based on how they interact with one another. Based on your nutritional input and physical output for the day, MINA will determine how much of each nutrient you need to reach targets and close dietary gaps.

Your Mixfit machine is connected to your smartphone app via wifi, so it’s getting all the information it needs about your day in realtime. As it gets info from your app, the machine dispenses the right amount of each nutrient into a delicious drink. Of course, there are some nutrients the body can have too much of, like Vitamins A and K. If you’ve already gotten a sufficient amount of those vitamins for the day, MINA locks those canisters to prevent them from adding more into your drink. Most users need two drinks each day.

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Will My Vitamin Mix Really be Different Every Day?

Absolutely. Based on trends in your diet, you’ll likely be getting many of the same nutrients each day—take the vegan example from earlier. The reality is that your body’s needs change based on what you’ve eaten and how much and how intensely you’ve moved. If you’re regularly logging those things in the Mixfit app, you can rest assured that MINA is carefully mixing a drink just for you based on those needs.

How Do the Mixfit Drinks Taste?

Mixfit is not a smoothie or protein drink. It has the consistency of water, but it isn’t super-sweet Gatorade. Most people find the drinks quite tasty, and they are available in two flavors: Orange Guava and Cranberry Tea. They incorporate pea protein and sugar alternatives like stevia.

How Often do I Need to Replace My Pods?

Users purchase an individual subscription to the Mixfit system, but the machine, on the other hand, can accommodate multiple users—ranging from your household of a couple of adults to gyms and fitness centers where tons of users are syncing their apps with the machine. If one person is using the Mixfit system twice a day on average, the core pack lasts 30 days. Your monthly subscription means you’ll get a refill of the essential nutrients, and each month it’s customized to contain more of what you need and less of what you don’t.

Are There Any Special Care Instructions?

The Mixfit machine is incredibly easy to use, so you won’t need to do much in the way of special care. One tip to make your drinks more inviting is to add cold, fresh water each time you get ready to mix a drink—there’s no cooling system, so if you prefer cold drinks, that’s the trick.

Even if you’re serious about diet and exercise, it’s tough to ensure that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs every day. Rather than guessing with traditional supplements, you can use the Mixfit system to ensure your body has what it needs to perform at its best. Not only will you have more energy throughout the day, but you’ll also be helping with bone health, cardiovascular fitness, and your neurological, digestive, and immune systems. Why leave nutrition to chance when the technology is now available to make sure you get it right?

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Written by Emma Walker for Matcha in partnership with MixFit.

Featured image provided by Brooke Lark