Mixfit V2

Intelligent Nutrition
The worlds only real-time personalized nutrient delivery system just got better.
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How It Works

The world's only real-time personalized nutrient delivery system just got better.

Product benefits

  • Works with our proprietary, AI-powered app, MINA.
  • MINA converts your activity and diet information into daily nutritional drinks mixed with 24 vitamins and minerals, precisely for you.
  • Your Mixfit profile works on any Mixfit system. At your office, gym, or home.
  • Be Among the first to experience real-time personalized nutrition
*Individual monthly plan must maintain subscription for a minimum of 3 months for free device. 
MINA is science-based and was created by trained nutritionists, data scientists and research. It's algorithms turned information about you, your daily food intake and data from wearable tech to create a delicious drink that combines just the right amounts of 24 essential nutrients your body needs. MINA uses the algorithm in the Mixfit app, taking into account such as data from your personal profile, activity data from wearable tech, and your daily input to measure exactly what you need. It even considers variables such as local air quality. Once your drink is calculated, the V2 device dispenses a drink, formulated just for you in real-time. That's personalization, on the spot.

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