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1 flavor set (1 in bloom + 1 citrus kick)

$49.00 Sale price $44.10 / Month

Please note, your purchase will include your membership subscription consisting of one Corepack and flavor variety pack. This does not include a Mixfit V2 dispenser. Your flavor preferences can be managed in your user profile.

  • Works with our proprietary, AI-powered app, MINA.
  • MINA converts your activity and diet information into daily nutritional drinks mixed with 24 vitamins and minerals, precisely for you.

Mixfit personalized Nutrition system

Mixfit is great for the healthy lifestyler who wants to take the next step in bridging their nutritional gap in a precise and data driven way. Our All platform uses daily food intake and activity data to inform our cutting edge device what your body needs.

For a little over a $1 per day, Mixfit can help your body perform better and support immunity. Best of all, it fits into your lifestyle with smart imaging technology for your meals and integration with wearable tech. Mixfit is the next step forward in the personalized nutrition space.


Download MINA

Create an account and enter your personal profile data


Link Your Devices

Connect any wearable tech and fitness apps


Mind the Gap

Begin tracking your daily nutritional intake and activity levels to identify your nutritional gap


Mix Your Drink

Link via Bluetooth to your Mixfit device. From the app mix your drink

Limited Time Offer

Get the Mixfit device $180 value for free with a purchase of a subscription with 3 month commitment.

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