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Unlock the power of MINA with the Mixfit Starter Pack and begin to personalize your vitamins, making them anything but routine.

With the Starter Pack, you’ll get everything you need: device, vitamins and the activation of your monthly subscription. Get to know what micronutrients your diet lacks and see how Mixfit fills that nutritional gap daily.

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Personalized daily with MINA

Download the Mixfit App on Apple or Android devices to begin your personalized journey. (Only available in the US for now.)

You share as little or as much as you want for a tailored experience that changes with you each day. As your diet and activity levels change MINA makes daily adjustments to the vitamins, nutrients and minerals in your drink.

Your essential nutrients

Customize your mix

Mixfit Core Pack box

$59 per user/month

With an active Mixfit subscription you can make a drink on any device to access 22 core vitamins, nutrients, and minerals needed each day. Learn more about the science behind those nutrients.

Mixfit Speciality Pod boxes

$45-$49 each

Looking for more than the essentials? We have you covered with our Specialty Pods available for purchase in the Mixfit App.

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