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MINA PRO digital platform enables professionals to follow in real time and no effort their customer, clients, athletes, and patients. It’s the only tool on the market that allow areal time follow up of nutrition. Users can use Mixfit’s Intelligent Nutrition Assistant (Mina) via the Mixfit app to record aspects like food intake, physical activity, DNA and environmental factors such as pollution, UV light and temperature.

For Registered Dieticians and Nutritionists

Create and push meal plans to your client profile and look at the macro and micronutrients consumption.

Mina will show the relative contribution in respect of daily RDIs (recommended daily intake) and will enable you to change the relative targets.

For Performance coaches

Follow and suggest nutritional contribution pairing it with the training plan made by you.

follow their training (Mina integrates data from all the major wearables and training platforms as Garmin, Fitbit, Apple health and Strava among others).

For Doctors and clinics

Make sure that your patients are following the advised nutrition and physical activities recommendation at support to the therapy you suggested.

We offer individual solutions for your company

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Listen to what our client says

Quotes from our clients

Lisa Nijbroek

Team DSM Nutritionist

"We had the opportunity to start using Mixfit for the first time in La Vuelta with a couple of our riders... now we are at the point where we are going to expand to more of our riders and ultimately, soon all of our riders will use the [Mixfit V2]machine."

Narelle Neumann

Team DSM Head of

"...when we look at what the athletes are required to do, optimizing their nutrition strategies is a really key point. We do that with the latest science and algorithms..."

Michael Storer

Team DSM Professional Cyclist

"It's very easy to use, all you have to do is press a button on the app. I really enjoyed watching it make the drink every day and it tastes good so if we need to take vitamins, it's nice taking it as a drink rather than in pill form."