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Product Benefits:

  • Works with our proprietary, AI-powered app, MINA.
  • MINA converts your activity and diet information into daily nutritional drinks mixed with 23 vitamins and minerals, precisely for you.

  • Your Mixfit profile works on any Mixfit system. At your office, gym, or home.
  • Mixfit Two ® supports multiple users through our frictionless bluetooth platform.
  • Be among the first to experience real-time personalized nutrition!

Key Features:

  • Sleek Italian designed device.
  • Our smart device automatically re-orders nutrients with subscription when running low.
  • 1 Mixfit blender cup per subscription.

  • Two great tasting flavors: Citrus Kick & In Bloom.

  • Easy to clean removable water reservoir, removable drip tray and nutrient canisters.
  • Adjusts antioxidants based on information on local air quality.

Of course, you have questions.

Some of the more frequently asked ones can be found here. Don’t see yours? Just ask.

Vitamin A, C, D2, E, K1, B6, B12, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folate, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Potassium, Inulin, and Pea Protein. All are vegan.

What mobile devices are compatible with the Mixfit app?2019-08-07T18:18:30+00:00

The Mixfit app is compatible with Apple and Android.

What if I’m taking other medications?2019-08-07T13:00:46+00:00

Always consult your physician before adding new supplements to your daily routine.

Can I overdo it on vitamins?2019-08-07T13:00:13+00:00

Not with Mixfit. Once the system dispenses the daily limit on individual vitamins based on data received throughout the day, MINA automatically blocks their dispensation.

Why does each user in a household require a subscription?2019-08-07T12:59:20+00:00

Separate subscriptions ensure the right nutrients are consumed by the right person. It’s what personalized nutrition is all about.

Can other people in my home use the same Mixfit nutritional drink dispenser?2019-08-07T12:58:36+00:00

Yes. You can connect as many profiles to the same dispenser as you like, as long as each profile has an active subscription and is connected to the same WiFi network as the Mixfit nutritional drink dispenser.

How many Mixfit drinks should I consume per day?2019-08-07T12:56:54+00:00

You can meet your Mixfit Daily Target by drinking just two nutritional drinks per day. If you choose to drink more, MINA will adjust the nutrient quantity accordingly. The more drinks you consume each day, the more diluted the flavor and nutrients.

What is a nutritional gap?2019-08-07T12:55:43+00:00

A nutritional gap is a difference between the recommended daily allowance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs and the amount you’ve actually consumed. MINA dutifully fills that nutritional gap by serving up a drink with the vitamins, minerals, and/ or nutrients you haven’t consumed or simply lost due to activity. (Requires diet and exercise data on your mobile devices and health apps.)

How does Mixfit formulate each drink?2019-08-07T12:54:03+00:00

Our proprietary algorithm, MINA, analyzes the answers you enter when creating your personal profile on the Mixfit app. MINA then sets the daily target for the essential nutrients your body needs. Once you begin logging your meals and connect your wearable devices and health apps to the system, MINA detects your nutritional gap — the gap between the nutrients you need and those you consume — and mixes a drink that fills it.

Is it easy to make a Mixfit drink?2019-08-07T12:52:55+00:00

Yes. It works much like a drip coffee maker. Only smarter.

How does Mixfit source its ingredients?2019-08-07T13:01:35+00:00

By collaborating with two experienced and highly-respected global partners. DSM Nutritional Products brings over 60 years of nutritional science and formulation to the Mixfit system, while Givaudan, the world’s leading flavor and fragrance company, makes sure every drink tastes the way it should: great.

Why do I need more than one subscription in a household?2019-02-09T18:43:21+00:00

There is a connection between the Mixfit App and Mixfit Device that is maintained through active subscriptions so that a personalized drink can be made to meet your daily nutrition levels. To assure that you receive the nutrient profile that’s designed for you, and not someone else, it’s important that each user has their own subscription.

Do I need more than one Mixfit device if multiple people want to use it?2019-02-09T18:44:25+00:00

You only need one Mixfit device in a home. Each device can be connected to many profiles as long as each profile has an active subscription.

How many times a day can I use Mixfit?2018-12-13T03:21:42+00:00

We recommend consuming two nutritional drinks per day in order to meet your Mixfit Daily Target. If you would like to consume more than two drinks per day, MINA will adjust the quantity of the nutrients accordingly.

What is MINA?2019-08-07T12:54:55+00:00

MINA (mee-nah) is the brain, heart, and soul of the Mixfit system (and we’d much rather say “MINA” all day than “Mixfit Intelligent Nutrition Assistant”). MINA analyzes the interaction between your diet, lifestyle, personal traits, and daily activity levels to formulate and dispense your personalized nutrition drinks so you get the precise vitamin and nutrient mix you need to fill your nutritional gap.

How does Mixfit personalize each mix?2018-12-13T03:19:45+00:00

The Mixfit platform has several different levels of personalization available. Each level of personalization is dependent upon you providing access to information that allows us to offer more precise nutritional value. This information sharing starts with Mixfit’s Baseline Goals and Lifestyle questionnaire. The next level of personalization occurs when you log your diet and meals and connect your wearable devices and health apps.

How do I get started?2018-12-13T03:18:51+00:00

To begin using Mixfit, you need to fill the water reservoir, turn the device on and connect to your home Wi-Fi network. From there, place the canisters inside the device. Once your profile and device are connected, just tap “Mix It” to dispense.

On what devices can I use the Mixfit App?2018-12-13T03:17:51+00:00

The Mixfit App will be available for both Android and Apple devices and available in their respective stores for download. The Mixfit App will be limited to downloading in the United States.

How do I get the Mixfit device?2020-02-26T15:49:48+00:00

Purchase the Mixfit Starter Pack to activate your initial subscription and secure the Mixfit Device. Starter Packs can be purchased through the Mixfit App or online.

How does Mixfit work?2019-08-07T12:51:21+00:00

Mixfit delivers real-time personalized nutrition as a tightly integrated, three-part system. The first two parts combine our proprietary algorithm, MINA (Mixfit Intelligent Nutrition Assistant), and the Mixfit countertop device. Together with input from your wearable devices and health apps, MINA calculates food consumption and exercise data to dispense a personalized drink that delivers any vitamins, nutrients, and minerals your body still requires for the day.