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How does Mixfit work?2019-02-09T18:49:34+00:00

This three-part system uses a proprietary algorithm, a countertop device and a subscription model to deliver a custom, nutrient-rich drink to you right in your kitchen. First, the Mixfit Device is loaded with core nutrients to help you achieve your overall health and wellness goals. These essential vitamins and minerals are dispensed incrementally, depending on your unique needs. Then you can add our single-use Specialty Pods, to help you achieve or maintain a specific fitness or wellness goal such as energy or workout recovery.

How do I get the Mixfit device?2019-04-30T00:22:20+00:00

Purchase the Mixfit Starter Pack to activate your initial subscription and secure the Mixfit Device. Starter Packs can be purchased through the Mixfit App or online.

On what devices can I use the Mixfit App?2018-12-13T03:17:51+00:00

The Mixfit App will be available for both Android and Apple devices and available in their respective stores for download. The Mixfit App will be limited to downloading in the United States.

How do I get started?2018-12-13T03:18:51+00:00

To begin using Mixfit, you need to fill the water reservoir, turn the device on and connect to your home Wi-Fi network. From there, place the canisters inside the device. Once your profile and device are connected, just tap “Mix It” to dispense.

How does Mixfit personalize each mix?2018-12-13T03:19:45+00:00

The Mixfit platform has several different levels of personalization available. Each level of personalization is dependent upon you providing access to information that allows us to offer more precise nutritional value. This information sharing starts with Mixfit’s Baseline Goals and Lifestyle questionnaire. The next level of personalization occurs when you log your diet and meals and connect your wearable devices and health apps.

What is MINA?2018-12-13T03:20:10+00:00

The Mixfit Platform is powered by our Mixfit Intelligent Nutrition Assistant (MINA). MINA analyzes the interaction between your diet and lifestyle to dispense personalized nutrition drinks right from the convenience of your kitchen.

How many times a day can I use Mixfit?2018-12-13T03:21:42+00:00

We recommend consuming two nutritional drinks per day in order to meet your Mixfit Daily Target. If you would like to consume more than two drinks per day, MINA will adjust the quantity of the nutrients accordingly.

Do I need more than one Mixfit device if multiple people want to use it?2019-02-09T18:44:25+00:00

You only need one Mixfit device in a home. Each device can be connected to many profiles as long as each profile has an active subscription.

Why do I need more than one subscription in a household?2019-02-09T18:43:21+00:00

There is a connection between the Mixfit App and Mixfit Device that is maintained through active subscriptions so that a personalized drink can be made to meet your daily nutrition levels. To assure that you receive the nutrient profile that’s designed for you, and not someone else, it’s important that each user has their own subscription.

How does Mixfit ensure quality products & ingredients?2018-12-13T03:24:12+00:00

We are proud to collaborate with two global partners. DSM Nutritional Products brings over 60 years of nutritional science and formulation, and Givaudan is the world’s leading flavor and fragrance company. These two partners bring incredible experience to Mixfit and allow us to offer the highest-quality products.

Where do I order more Pods as part of the Pilot Program?2018-12-13T03:24:55+00:00

As part of our Pilot Program, you can reorder Specialty Pods from within your profile section of the Mixfit App.