The Healthy Late-Night Snacks Personal Trainers Eat

Make one of these ten suggestions your go-to, because nobody deserves to go to bed on an empty stomach. Is there a worse punishment (even if it’s self-inflicted) than going to bed without any dinner? It’s the chastisement of the over-worked worker bee, the exhausted gym-goer, the badly behaving child and the just-one-more-pint weekday drinker.

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4 Tasty Sources Of Magnesium

Magnesium is a vital mineral for active men. Here are the top sources. What is it? A chemical element and essential nutrient needed for optimal health. Why you need it It’s required for 300 biological functions, including DNA synthesis. Modern farming and food processing method means there’s less magnesium in food than ever before. 1.

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Top 3 Nutrients Affected by Exercise

After a workout, our bodies need extra water, calories, and protein; but exercise impacts specific nutrients. Building off a recent post, here’s how you can give your body exactly what it needs in order to perform well. While exercise makes us stronger and healthier, it also depletes us of certain necessary vitamins and

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How the Mixfit Team Sits Less and Moves More

You’ve most likely heard the newest fitness phrase “sitting is the new smoking.” But where did this come from and what’s the science behind it? Remarkably nearly 80% of adults and adolescents are not active enough. (source). So in response to this, the physical guidelines for Americans have changed. Rather than a recommendation

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