Why Mixfit Focuses on Personalization

Why Mixfit Focuses on Personalization

We’ve all watched friends drop significant weight through diets that were otherwise useless for us. Or experienced certain foods that give us energy but are impossible to digest for our parents or siblings. Why is that?

At the highest level, it’s simple: because each one of us is unique. Even those with whom we share the same genetics, our environment, habits and behavior are different and change the way our bodies respond to food.

One size doesn’t fit all

Have you ever wondered how a single multivitamin can work for everyone who takes it? The truth is it doesn’t. So why do more than half of Americans take a one-size-fits-all approach to their supplements? (Source)

Unless you’re are a nutrition scientist, it’s not easy to research the vitamins and nutrients found in supplements and create the unique combination right for you. Unless you’ve got an algorithm working on your behalf. And we do.

Real-time personalization

The Mixfit Intelligent Nutrition Assistant at the core of our system analyzes both the nutrients you consume and your activity level along and compares that data with your daily nutrient targets. The difference between those two is your daily nutrient gap. With that information, MINA tells the countertop device precisely the remaining nutrients you need that day and dispenses them in a delicious drink. No guesswork. No waste.

Personalization is the future

Our inspiration is grounded in the opportunity to make a lasting impact through product design, data insights and research on three broad audiences.


We believe strongly that personalization is not about a fad. It should be about the ability to receive what you actually need when you need it.


We need to move beyond the point-of-sale data to share insights that will lead to further enhancements in effective formulations and product creation.

Scientific community

We have a long-term vision for contextual data and see the opportunity to fuel the future of precision healthcare.

We know that sustainable personalization is not about creating a solution for people to adapt to, but rather a solution that adapts to the individual in real time.

Our pilot launch plans to put this powerful system in the hands of consumers and collect further insights to sharpen our approach. If you’ve ever wondered how to offer more precise nutrition to your body, then join us.