The Nutritional Gap: What it is and why you should close it daily

The Nutritional Gap: What it is and why you should close it daily

“Nutritional gap” is a term you’ll be seeing and hearing more often as health-focused, wearable technology becomes accepted as an extension of ourselves.

So, WTH is a nutritional gap? Do you have one? Where is it? Should you care? And should you be concerned with learning to seal that gap shut every day? The answers to these probing questions are:

  • we’re about to tell you;
  • most likely;
  • it’s not in a place, but it’s part of our whole self (scientifically speaking);
  • yes; and
  • heck yea, but it’s pretty easy to shut, like snatching a baby carrot from a baby

So let’s first break down the term “nutritional gap”

Nutritional: relating to the process of obtaining the food necessary for health and growth

 Gap: an unfilled space or interval

Logically, then, your daily nutritional gap is a void that exists due to the vitamins and nutrients your body is not getting each day. Depending on what you eat and how you exercise (along with other variables), this void will either contract or expand every day. Just like that dema-dog spawning demon-gate did under Hawkins, Indiana.

So, how is this nutritional gap calculated?

In its most basic form, the nutritional gap can be calculated using simple subtraction:

  • Your recommended daily nutritional targets
  • Minus the nutrients you consume from food
  • Equals your nutritional gap!

It’s second-grade math on the surface, but complexities arise when we consider other factors, including:

  • Age
  • Lifestle
  • Life phase
  • Dietary restrictions – i.e. do you avoid gluten, nuts, or meat
  • Enviornment – i.e. seasonality or pollution
  • Genetics

As you can see, things get complicated quickly.

Leave the analysis to our algorithm and our app

Nutritional data and in-depth research helped us and our network of scientists develop an algorithm capable of calculating your nutritional gap in real time.

You can try it yourself by downloading the Mixfit app (for Android or Apple devices).  Just create a profile, log your meals, then tap on “Today’s Nutrition Intake.” You’ll see it all there in black and white and #FBB034 and #01B2BB for those designers out there.

Closing the gap every day with nutrient-rich drinks

Understanding and calculating your nutritional gap are the first steps toward learning how to fill it. Fortunately, our algorithm does all the learning and calculating for you.

Once connected to a Mixfit countertop device, the app and our algorithm become your personal, nutritional barista, serving up drinks packed with the nutrients your body needs – all based on your personal profile, the meals you log, and your physical activity. The system even puts certain vitamins on lock-down once you’ve had your fill for the day, so there’s no need to worry about having too much of a specific vitamin.

With Mixfit, determining your nutritional gap is easy. And closing it is even easier.