The Case for Personalized Nutrition

The Case for Personalized Nutrition

The Case for Personalized Nutrition: There’s No Such Thing as “Average”

Does this sound familiar? Some days I walk 5 miles, workout, get lots of sleep and eat kale salad and fruit for dinner (yummy).  Other days I hardly leave the house, and subsist on pizza and CheezIts (YUMMY!).

While these obviously represent extremes, it’s a fact that our diet and activity levels can vary day to day, sometimes a lot!  That variation makes different demands on our body’s nutritional requirements and is the idea behind the science of personalized nutrition.

Average nutritional needs are, well, just averages.

Vitamins are substances our bodies need to ingest each day to keep from getting ill, because we are not capable of synthesizing them ourselves. Some of these substances are needed in only trace amounts, but all are essential to keeping our bodies healthy and functioning.

The nutritional RDA’s (Recommended Daily Intakes) established by the government are based on the daily dietary intake level that is sufficient to meet the average nutrient requirement of 97% of healthy individuals on an average day. They are based on estimated upper tolerances and minimum requirements. However, they do not take into account that everybody is different, and even the same body may have different needs on different days.

The Mixfit Personal Nutrition System uses the latest research on nutrition to identify and fill the gaps created by daily changes in diet and activity.  Powered by AI-driven algorithms, it takes daily activity information from your Apple Watch, Polar, Fitbit or other wearable device, data you provide from uploaded photos of each day’s meals, and your personal physical profile to identify your individual, daily nutritional gap.  Then sends that information to our Bluetooth enabled device that creates your precisely mixed drink with exactly the right amounts of 23 nutrients required to meet your body’s needs today.  No more guesswork.

Minding the gap

Even on my healthiest days, it’s clear I’m not getting everything I need from my food alone. For example, here’s what I ate yesterday.

  • Breakfast: Irish style oatmeal with brown sugar and milk
  • Lunch: Veggie salad

Dinner: Cheese omelet with toast

Looks pretty healthy, right? And at under 2000 calories, just right for maintaining my (largely sedentary) quarantine weight and energy levels.

But wait, look what the Mixfit MINA app tells me is missing. Based on my age, gender, overall health and yesterday’s activity level it tells me I’m low on calcium, potassium, niacin, Vitamins B, C, D and E, not to mention a bunch things I didn’t even know I needed. Sure, I could take a multivitamin, but I’d risk taking too much of some nutrients like Iron and Vitamins A and K, which in large doses are unnecessary and even potentially harmful.

Fortunately, I can fill the gap with a tasty, personalized drink mixed just for me by the Mixfit device.

Check us out

Curious about your personal nutrition gap? Take out the guesswork with the Mixfit Personal Nutrition System.  Get started by downloading our MINA app, which is free to use. Then enter your personal profile, link your wearable device and start uploading your meals. 

Let us know what you learn, we’d love to hear from you.