Supplement Trends for Prevention

Supplement Trends for Prevention

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, it makes sense that a staggering 75% of Americans take a supplement with vitamins and minerals.

In fact, according to the latest consumer trend report for 2019, there is a growing interest in total well-being from physical to mental and spiritual health (Mintel). But when it comes to prevention, why do so many Americans turn to supplements?

Supplements fit in the healthier lifestyle trend

The American diet meets only 60% of the healthy eating index (HEI), a measure of the healthfulness of a diet (Exponent, 2018). This is not great news, but making small changes to improve the quality of your diet by increasing intake of fruit, vegetables and decreasing intake of processed food is a start, and certainly has long-term health benefits.

If you are like most looking to live healthier, closing those nutrient gaps is one way to make sure you’re meeting your daily needs. While adjusting your eating habits is the logical step to fill these gaps, supplements can be a faster, easier starting point to consider for many. 

Supplement use is rising among all demographics

Taking supplements is not just limited to the superfit and superhealthy.

According to a recent survey by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), people between the ages of 18 and 34 are very interested in taking nutritional supplements while probiotics and botanical products are also on the rise. Intake for individuals over 55 years of age has shown the greatest increase, indicating that prevention and health are the priorities.

Men and women look for different things from their supplements

According to a report by CRN 2017, men and women have some overlap in why they choose to take supplements, but they differ on many of the core values.

The top reasons women take supplements is to improve overall health and wellness, fill the nutrient gap and improve bone health. While men tend to choose supplements for overall wellness, to increase energy and to fill the nutrient gap.

Filling gaps in nutrition the right way

At Mixfit, we believe that supplements are beneficial when used in combination with a balanced diet — not in place of it.  

That means your supplements are exactly that: an addition to your daily routine that enhances your overall well-being. Many supplements, however, offer more nutrients than your body needs. A better approach is to base your supplement routine on your own personal nutrient requirements. No matter what your goals are, when it comes to supplements, less can be more.

Supplements personalized just for you

Today’s world revolves around personalization. You have custom shopping experiences, movie choices tailored just for you, and food customized for your pet.

In the same way, Mixfit personalizes your daily supplements to your daily needs. After all, no two days are the same, and neither are your nutritional needs.

How active you are, your current diet or even the dietary preferences you have impact which or how much of a nutrient you actually need. At Mixfit, our goal is to offer this personalization to anyone looking to lead a healthier, more balanced life.

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