How the Mixfit Team Sits Less and Moves More

How the Mixfit Team Sits Less and Moves More

You’ve most likely heard the newest fitness phrase “sitting is the new smoking.” But where did this come from and what’s the science behind it? Remarkably nearly 80% of adults and adolescents are not active enough. (source). So in response to this, the physical guidelines for Americans have changed. Rather than a recommendation to move in 10-minute blocks, the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion is asking Americans to just sit less.

“The science shows that everyone can dramatically improve their health just by moving—anytime, anywhere and by any means that gets you active,” said Dr. Brett P. Giroir, assistant secretary for health at the Department of Health and Human Services.

This notion is perfectly aligned with our values here at Mixfit. We believe that movement is key to a healthy well-being. This study shows that your physical activity is key for development and “can make people feel, function, and sleep better and reduce the risk of many chronic diseases.”

However, we also understand that we can all fall victim to not taking time for ourselves. As a start-up, our team is no exception to that. Many of us have created hacks to get our movement in –even when we could easily get stuck behind the computer for too long.

Here are some hacks we use on our team to add movement into each day.

Use calls as a trigger to move

  • Marco uses his time on the phone with service providers to walk around the office
  • Mahyar does 10 burpees after each call and captures steps by pacing back and forth— he averages 100-150 burpees a day

Get the most out of your commute

  • In Boston, Charles and Reza live close enough to walk or bike into the office.
  • Michelle will walk to a further T-stop or get off a stop early.
  • The team in Lausanne, Switzerland, takes time to get outside to enjoy their scenic view either with a run or a bike around the office.

Our furry friends

  • Having our pups in the office brings a natural playfulness and need for movement.
  • Urlacher (aka Url) can get demanding with a need to play, leaving a toy offering at your chair.
  • Maci (pronounced Matzi) has been known to take over your chair giving you no other option but to stand.

Sneak in time here and there

  • The team in Switzerland has a space to capture a few crunches and pushups.
  • Michelle will take the stairs to another floor to refill her water bottle.
  • Both Mahyar and Michelle capture 20-30 minutes of exercise before the day begins because something is better than nothing and you never know what the day will hold.

And, as we write this while sitting at a computer, it is time to get up and move. We hope you do the same.