How Exercise Impacts Our Nutritional Needs

How Exercise Impacts Our Nutritional Needs

If you’re an athlete or just like to exercise a lot, the best way to make sure you stay on top of your game is to meet the extra nutritional requirements created by your physical activity. We all know that you need calories for fuel and protein to build muscle. However, there is much more that your body needs to stay healthy and perform at its best. Vitamins and nutrients are key to any exercise regimen, yet exercise often depletes critical nutrients and creates deficiencies that need to be replenished.

Food Choice Makes a Difference

In most cases, you’ll replenish these nutrients lost to exercise if you make healthy food choices. Research shows that if you increase your caloric intake due to increased exercise and maintain your weight, you’re more likely to meet your nutritional needs. However, these extra calories need to be in the form of healthy, nutrient-dense options. If you are restricting calories, limiting food groups such as meat, fruits or dairy, or if you frequently opt for unhealthy dietary choices, you may have inadequate levels of many nutrients which are critical for exercise and athletic performance.

Optimal Nutrition Means Optimal Performance

Not having the right “mix” of vitamins and nutrients in our bodies impacts us in many ways. We may not have the energy to perform at our best, or even to exercise at all. Lack of proper nutrition can impact our sleep, our gastrointestinal cycle, and our mood. This impacts our athletic and mental output. So how can you optimize your nutrition intake? Tracking exercise and movement through tracking devices such as Fitbit, Apple Watch and Garmin and recording what you eat can get you started on the right path. Supplementing your diet with needed nutrients and vitamins will help you optimize performance. The key to success is determining what you need on a personalized, day-to-day level.

Understanding Your Personal Diet and Exercise Performance

Food tracking is a useful way to find areas where you need to improve your nutrition. The Mixfit app tracks what you eat and analyzes nutrients through innovative image technology. It does this by breaking down what you’re eating, both macro and micro nutrients, making it easy for you to identify whether you are meeting your nutritional requirements. Mixfit also syncs with popular exercise tracking devices to determine your ideal input needs based on your daily exercise.

Supplements Help

According to the Academy of Nutrition Dietetics, micronutrient supplements are warranted when requirements are not being met through the diet alone. At Mixfit, we firmly believe that “one size does not fit all” when it comes to nutritional supplements. Your nutrient need changes daily and is dependent upon many factors, primarily what your activity/exercise is and what your food intake has provided for you.

Science and experience teach us that knowledge is power. Mixfit gives you the tools to understand, tweak and meet your unique nutritional requirements.  Download the Mixfit App to see how you are meeting your micronutrient needs each day. Available in the Apple Store or Google Play.