Couch Potato-ism and maintaining healthy nutrition levels

Couch Potato-ism and maintaining healthy nutrition levels

It’s no mystery that with reduced activity, you need fewer calories. But lower food intake can lead to vitamin deficiencies, which can spell trouble for overall health and wellness, and even your immunity from viruses! 

Take the nutrient, folate, for example. A diet low in fresh fruits, vegetables, and fortified cereals can result in folate deficiency. Folate levels in your body can become low in just a few weeks if you don’t eat enough folate-rich foods, and these may be in short supply when you are confined to home. To make matters worse, we know alcohol interferes with folate absorption. Low folate levels can result in low white blood cells and platelets, the key ingredient in most immunities.  According to research by NIH, “Cell-mediated immunity” is especially affected by folate deficiency, as “folic acid plays a crucial role in DNA and protein synthesis.” Yikes! Fortunately, folate deficiency can be handily addressed with B-Complex vitamins.

Keeping track of folate and other nutrients is always a good idea but may be especially helpful in the next few weeks and months. Try our nutrient tracking tool, MINA, to make sure you are doing all you can to stay healthy, even when all you have to do is watch Office and Friends reruns. 

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We actually know when the term “couch potato” was first uttered and printed. Cartoonist Robert Armstrong had the foresight to trademark the phrase in 1979, but it had already become too popular. Learn more here about the origins of our favorite way to describe a lazy boob “tuber”.

Photo Source: Today I Found Out