Behind the Scenes: Choosing Our Nutrients

Behind the Scenes: Choosing Our Nutrients

Let’s dig into the science behind the Mixfit system and the nutrients selected. Figuring out what nutrients you need isn’t easy. With all the hype about keto, fasting and cleanses, it’s easy to get lost. But at the core, a big piece of your personal health is getting the right balance of nutrients for you.

Mixfit is here to help. Mixfit is one of the first nutritional beverage systems to develop a profile based on your individual nutrient needs. That means we look at and adjust nutrients delivered based on what you eat, how active you are and other key pieces of information to fill your daily gaps in nutrients. But this raises the question: where did we start when it came to determining which nutrients to include?

Setting our foundation

The answer is where most scientists start: with research. We reviewed randomized controlled trials, practice guidelines and position papers sourced from respected organizations like the Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine (now called the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine). These publications outline “Dietary Reference Intakes” (DRIs) and are segmented by age, gender and life stage.

Our evaluation of this information produced the foundation for the Mixfit system. The 22 nutrients included and managed by MINA (Mixfit Intelligent Nutrition Assistant) are considered essential to health. Put simply: the science shows that a dietary deficiency in any one of these nutrients can lead to a health concern.

Personalizing your nutrients

We use these 22 nutrients as a basis for your daily recommendations, but the personalization comes from you. Sharing daily insights with MINA helps to calculate the right nutrient levels for you: because the best source of information about what’s best for you, is you.

Here’s where we get geeky. MINA combines all the above research with your personal details to help refine your daily needs. MINA looks at daily changes in your diet and activity level — and even how much exposure to sunlight you get on average. All this data provides a unique formula that defines your daily targets and nutrient gaps you have on a given day.

Then the Mixfit device dispenses only the nutrients you need. No more guessing. No more supplements that don’t give you enough of one nutrient or too much of another. Our goal is to help everyone’s health by giving your body only what it needs.

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