6 Foods That Help Keep Your Whole Body Healthy

6 Foods That Help Keep Your Whole Body Healthy

Some vitamins have just one job, but Vitamin B5 isn’t just some vitamin. It’s more of a jack-and-jill-of-all-trades vitamin. You know the type. Each of us has one of those do-everything friends – the one who plays guitar, drums, and bass with on hand, designs and builds furniture with the other, and successfuly trades stocks and bonds online licking the laptop trackepad with one very deft big toe.

Although we sometimes find ourselves trying to live up to successful Mrs or Mr Big-Toe, we’ll never have to compare ourcselves to Vitamin B5. It’s a good thing, becuase that would be impossible.

Not only does B5 keep your skin, hair, and eyes healthy it contirbutes to making new blood cells and converting food to energy. We’d categorize those activities as “critical,” and we’re fairly sure others would, too.

Vitamin 5 is known as Pantothenic Acid becuase Pantonthenic means, “from everywhere,” and B5 is found in so many readily-available food sources.

What foods have B5?

One cup of Shitake mushrooms yields more than 100% of the B5 you need daily. Dig into a batch of sweet potato fries and get 26% of your daily requirement. Love guacamole? Avocados also bring the B5 goods. So does Greek yogurt, sunflower seeds, beans, and chicken.

And even though you’ve sometimes had enough of your uber-talented friend, you can’t get too much B5, because it’s completely water soluable and, therefore, non-toxic. Any amount your body doesn’t need will be expelled naturally.

Pretty amazing a single vitamin can do all that. Even your mult-vitamin friend would have to bow to the power of this B.

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