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Supplement Trends for Prevention

If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, it makes sense that a staggering 75% of Americans take a supplement with vitamins and minerals. In fact, according to the latest consumer trend report for 2019, there is a growing interest in total well-being from physical to mental and spiritual health

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Why Mixfit Focuses on Personalization

We’ve all watched friends drop significant weight through diets that were otherwise useless for us. Or experienced certain foods that give us energy but are impossible to digest for our parents or siblings. Why is that? At the highest level, it’s simple: because each one of us is unique. Even those with whom

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How the Mixfit Team Sits Less and Moves More

You’ve most likely heard the newest fitness phrase “sitting is the new smoking.” But where did this come from and what’s the science behind it? Remarkably nearly 80% of adults and adolescents are not active enough. (source). So in response to this, the physical guidelines for Americans have changed. Rather than a recommendation

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