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Mixfit is a digital health company that designs nutritional experiences to encourage lasting, positive changes in health behavior. Our belief that the path towards a better, healthier, and longer life starts with nutrition drives everything that we do. We leverage nutrition science, cutting-edge artificial intelligence, and digital health technologies in developing our health data platform and smart countertop appliance to provide consumers with personalized nutritional drinks and deliver wellness-related insight based on their unique health data.

Established in 2015, Mixfit is privately held and headquartered in Boston.

We're an agile team of talented makers, engineers, and scientists who are obsessed with making life better for people by shifting the current paradigms in health, fitness, and nutrition. We formed Mixfit to simplify nutrition and empower people to become their healthiest self by creating a better way to consume supplemental nutrients and measure their effectiveness on a personalized level. We believe Mixfit is going to help a lot of people live a better day, and a healthier life.